About Us

Vision Tell

We Create Various New Economic Perspectives. We Purpose Deep Value Technology For Anyone. We Are In Collaboration With Top Industry. We Ready On Innovation And Implementation. We Can Scale Quick. We Look For New Digital Experts. We Share A High Interest Work Space. We Thank You All In Advance.

Our Research

We Solve Our Problems With Theory And Design Thinking. One Goal Is A Complete Product With Tidy Implementation And Big Purpose. To Explain One Complex Perspective We Use Our Simple Mind At Its Own Sign. We Share Empathy And Always Seek To Forward. We Are Open In Communication And For Any Innovative Purpose Of Every Human Life. We Are Public In Media, Entertainment, Music And Industry, Society, Government And Open With It.


We Build All With Plain Java, A High Effective And Ideal Core Implementation With Platform Complex Around. JSP, Document DB And Plain API Requests For A Digital Application With Scaling On Many Linux Servers.


Impact As Easy And Universal Product, Platform Technology, New Economy, Innovation Collaboration, General Purpose.

Founder And CEO

I Am Marcel Schneider, Technology Thinker And CEO. Born 1984 In Germany, Study Master In Digital Engineering, 10 Year Problem Technology Education. Called By Best Industry People And Provider, Music Artists, Broad Media And Entertain Talks In Germany, Europe, United States And China. In Front Of Technology Research, Product Innovation And Global Strategy. Expert At Security, AI, Cloud And Digital Platform.

New Market

Angel With 500 Million Pay Customers At 50 Billion Netto/Year.

Heavy For Every Developer, Digital Provider And Industry Customer From Zero Up To One Billion Pay At 50 Billion Netto/Year.

Giant With 1 Billion Licences In The Next 10 Years At 50 Billion Netto/Year.

Bit With 500 Million Mobile Media Customers At 50 Billion Netto/Year.